Top Biomedical Engineering Companies In The United States

Biomedical engineering companies are located throughout the United States. Many of these companies develop and test new medical equipment to improve patient care and quality of life. Each biomedical engineering company focuses on an aspect of health and how to improve patient care.

Aptus Endosystems

Aptus Endosystems, founded in 2002, is located in Sunnyvale, California and has about 45 employees. They are a private company that focuses on manufacturing technology for endovascular aneurysm repair. The Aptus Endosystems technology for the repair of aneurysms is a much less invasive procedure than surgery. However, doctors are still able to maintain the same amount of control while operating. The company also manufactures an EndoStapling System and the Aptus Endograft.


CardioKinetix is located in Menlo Park, California and only employs a small number of people. The company has created a product called The Parachute which is placed into the left ventricle of the heart to be used as a catheter for patients who have recently had a heart attack. CardioKinetix is still conducting research and clinical trials for new technology that will help heart patients in the future.

Cryovascular Systems

Cryovascular Systems was located in Los Gatos, California in 1997 but is now owned by Boston Scientific Corporation. The company developed the PolarCath which aims to improve the blood circulation in arteries surrounding the heart by cooling them down to a precise temperature. Crysovascular Systems has also created a non-saline device that is used as a heart catheter and can open up the arteries. The company is privately owned and their main focus is to create medical equipment that improves the quality of treatment for patients with arterial and coronary diseases.


Devax is located in Irvine, California and currently has around 33 employees. The company aims to design and implement stent systems that are used to treat coronary artery disease. One of Devax’s products is called the Axxess stent system which treats lesions that can affect blood flow to the heart. This stent system is still in its clinical testing stages and is not set to be implemented in hospitals anytime soon. In the meantime, Devax is working on several other stent systems that aim to improve blood flow to the heart.

Heartport, Inc.

Heartport, Inc. is company that creates cardiovascular devices that make heart surgery less invasive. As of 2001, Heartport, Inc. was bought by the company Johnson & Johnson. Heartport, Inc.’s main achievement,called the Port-Access-TM-system, allows heart surgeries to be performed with only minor incisions orsmall holes. Traditional heart surgeries need to crack the ribs to in order to get to the heart but with Heartport, Inc.’s system there is no need for this. As a result, the patient’s recovery time is cut in half.

The main goal of many biomedical engineering companies is to research and develop new technology that will help surgeries become less invasive and improve the quality of patient’s hospital stay. Biomedical engineering companies play an integral role in the future of medical technology.